Having a stair lift in your home - An Impartial guide

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This guide has been designed to assist anyone who is considering the purchase of  a stair lift. It is an impartial guide produced by Dolphin Stairlifts with the assistance of occupational therapists, housing managers and several charities.  This booklet is designed to help you decide whether you need a stair lift, and if so, how you can go about choosing one that is right for your needs.

In recent times the stairlift industry has had its share of bad publicity. There have been many reports of mis-selling, over pricing and poor service, however, there are many reputable companies offering good products and service, with a few sensible precautions you should be able to acquire the right equipment at a reasonable price. See page 18  for sales tips and advice.

Stannah Stairlift

Dolphin Stairlifts


Dolphin Stairlifts is a group of independent companies specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of stairlifts from most major manufacturers. Founded in 1988, we have more local branhces throughout the UK than any other company.  See page 28 for details.

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