Dolphin Stair Lifts


 Having a stairlift in your home - An Impartial guide                       

Welcome to Dolphin Stairlifts guide to having a stair lift in your home. The stairlift guide has been designed by stairlift specialists from Dolphin with the help of Occupational Therapists (OT's) local authority housing managers and our many private customers.

Stair Lift Guide 2: Introduction

Stairlifts Guide 3: Stairs a problem?

Stair Lift Guide 4: Assess your home

Stairlifts Guide 5: Choosing a Lift

Stair Lift Guide 6: Layout of Stairs

Stairlifts Guide 7: Folding Platforms

Stair Lift Guide 8: Doorway Problems

Stairlifts Guide 9: Parking Positions

Stair Lift Guide 10: Width of Stairs

Stairlifts Guide 11: Perching Seats

Stair Lift Guide 12: Choice of Controls

Stairlifts Guide 13: Other Options

Stair Lift Guide 14: Folding the Seat

Stairlifts Guide 15: Safety

Stair Lift Guide 16: Mains or Battery

Stairlifts Guide 17: New or 2nd Hand



Stair Lift Guide 18: Sales Tips & Advice

Stair Lifts Guide 19: Sales Tips & Advice

Stairlift Guide 20: Disabled Living Centre

Stair Lifts Guide 21: DLC Listings

Stairlift Guide 22: DLC Listings

Stair Lifts Guide 23: DLC Listings

Stairlift Guide 24: DLC Listings

Stair Lifts Guide 25: Help the Aged

Stairlift Guide 26: Useful Contacts

Stair Lifts Guide 27: Useful Contacts

Stairlift Guide 28: Dolphin Branches

Stair Lifts Guide 29: Dolphin Branches

Stairlift Guide 30: Dolphin Branches

Stair Lifts Guide 31: Compare Quotes

Stairlift Guide 32: Other Products